TWK Agri PWD (People with Disability) Learnership 2024: Seeking…

Invitation for TWK Agri PWD (People with Disability) Learnership 2024 Application

It’s time to accentuate your professional development by applying for the TWK Agri PWD (People with Disability) 2024 Learnership.

Scheduled for launch in 2024, this learnership programme by TWK Agri is committed to providing indispensable opportunities for individuals with disabilities, encouraging them to be a significant part of society. Moreover, it encourages individuals to fill in the Z83 application form, making it one step easier on the path towards self-improvement and career advancement.

Key Features of the TWK Agri PWD Learnership

  1. Build practical skills
  2. Stage for professional development
  3. Stipend support
  4. Real-world industry exposure

By extending this opportune offer, TWK Agri is initiating a tide of change, building a redeemable bridge between the disabled community and the thriving corporate world.

Applying for the TWK Agri PWD Learnership

Up your chances and secure your place in this transformational opportunity. Get started by downloading the Z83 application form in PDF or Word from the official website.


Key Information Details
Learnership Opportunity TWK Agri PWD Learnership 2024
Application Form Z83 application form

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