Warehouse Assistant Needed for New PEP Distribution Centre – Hammarsdale, KwaZulu-Natal

Join PEP: Warehouse Assistants Needed for New Distribution Centre in Hammarsdale, Durban

As a prominent retail powerhouse, PEP is expanding its footprint, setting up a new Distribution Centre in Hammarsdale, nestled in Outer West Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. We are eager to welcome zealous Warehouse Assistants, whom we call our Dynamos, aboard our high-performing team. If you aspire to make a substantial contribution, have fun, and willingly put in the extra effort, seize this golden opportunity to be a part of something exceptional.

Position Outline: Your Role as a Warehouse Assistant

Your pivotal role as a Warehouse Assistant ensures the seamless and efficient functioning of our Distribution Centre. You will shoulder a plethora of general duties daily, all of which are aligned with our commitment to offering world-class retail solutions to our esteemed customers.

What Does This Role Involve? Key Duties to Expect:

  • Full carton loading and offloading following established protocols
  • Upholding given standards and specifications in packing
  • Maintaining cleanliness and a systematic organization of the workspace
  • Overseeing the preparation and management of picking lines and cartons
  • Handling equipment with utmost concern, adhering to all set standards
  • Diligently checking and sealing cartons, thereby, prepping them for dispatch

What Do You Need for the Job? Necessary Requirements:

  • Proficiency in English
  • A clear criminal record is non-negotiable

Who Do We Prefer? Preferred Qualifications:

  • Candidates hailing from South Africa are preferred
  • Being located within 15km Hammarsdale is an added advantage
  • Skills in detail-orientation, communication, service orientation, and relationship building are highly valued
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How Do You Apply? Application Procedure:

  1. Complete the Potential Work Performance Assessment Battery
  2. Answer application questions regarding your location and matric certificate status

Why Partner with PEP?

At PEP, we inaugurate careers, not merely a job. As our Dynamo, you join a supportive and challenging family that encourages innovation, learning, and striking a meaningful difference. Our bourgeoning Distribution Centre in Hammarsdale is just the preliminary phase. Appy today to let’s build something extraordinary together. Click on the link to apply.

For more information, do visit the Z83 application form page on govnet.co.za.

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