Reach Truck Driver

Relocate Stock Seamlessly: Job Opportunity in Boksburg

In Boksburg, we have an invaluable chance for diligent candidates competent in the transportation of palletized items. Preference is given to those who can successfully employ the SCAN-MOVE-SCAN procedure in the safe, quick, and accurate transfer of inventory in line with business prerequisites. Candidates should also ideally be comfortable assisting with regular inventory checks and delivering punctual, flawless service while embodying the company’s ethos and client satisfaction objectives, thereby limiting avoidable losses.

Key Duties

  • Demonstrate honesty and meticulousness.
  • Partake in the loading and unloading of trucks and shipping facilities.
  • Have an understanding of the client’s specific requirements.
  • Ensure proper stacking of pallets according to the company’s guidelines.
  • Handle superior housekeeping duties.
  • Perform daily monitor controls which include operation machine verification and daily checklist completion.
  • Utilize MHE and company assets responsibly, reporting any found defects in a timely manner.
  • Document and report any inconsistencies related to customer items.



Qualification Skills/Competencies/Experiences
Valid Reach Truck licence Computer literacy
  Effective Communication Skills
  Ability to adapt to a rapidly evolving environment
  Ability to meet deadlines
  Proficient in written and oral communication
  Experience in enforcing Health & Safety procedures and hazard identification
  Ability to accomplish work targets and willingness to assume additional roles/responsibilities when under pressure

Please note that there is no set deadline for submitting applications for this position. So, apply as soon as possible to secure your spot. Look forward to joining our dedicated and dynamic team in Boksburg!

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To apply in South African government departments, you might require a Z83 application form. You can download one here: Z83 application form.

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