Eskom Apprenticeships 2024-2028: Opening X46 Positions in 6 Various…

If you’re searching for a golden opportunity to kick-start your career path, then you must not pass up these unparalleled Eskom Apprenticeships that are setting the stage from 2024 to 2028. An astonishing number of X46 positions spanning across six multifaceted fields are up for grabs. Time to gear up for this incredible chance to prove your mettle!

Direct Link to the Z83 Application Form

To embark on this exciting journey and secure your future with Eskom, you need to fill in the Z83 form. Simply click the following link to download the form in either PDF or Word format –

Eskom Apprenticeships: A Brief Overview

Eskom’s progressive 2024-2028 Apprenticeship programs are carefully designed to instill technical prowess, stimulate personal growth, and equip you with real-world industry experience that will catapult your career in a direction of your choosing. Doesn’t matter where your interests reside, an apprenticeship program in one of the six diverse sectors is bound to align with your career ambitions. What’s more, you get to choose from an overwhelming number of X46 positions!

Eligibility Criteria

Apprenticeship Program Minimum Requirements
Program 1 Insert Details Here
Program 2 Insert Details Here
Program 3 Insert Details Here

How to Apply

  1. Download and fill the Z83 form.
  2. Submit your fully completed form along with other necessary documents.
  3. Wait for the selection process.
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