Driver: Tunnel Forklift

Job Alert: Tunnel Forklift Driver Position Available in Springs

A stellar opportunity awaits qualified practitioners in the field of forklift operations. McCain Springs, Gauteng, is calling for applications for the role of Tunnel Forklift Driver. This opportunity promises an enriching work experience under the reportage of the Processing Shift Manager.

Job Objective:

As a Tunnel Forklift Driver, you will be rendering crucial support to meet the forklift requirements within the department.

Key Performance Areas:

  • Assuming responsibility for BOS and ensuring effective machine catches
  • Taking charge of safety reporting concerning the machinery in operation
  • Completing the daily forklift checklist prior to work commencement
  • Ensuring strict adherence to the operating procedures stipulated
  • Respecting the mandates of the OHS Act
  • Demonstrating a solid understanding of GMP
  • Maintaining high 5S standards, keeping a neat and clean forklift and surrounding workspace
  • Checking the quality of the CHEP pallets being used in the packing area
  • Moving the filled palletainers to designated cold rooms
  • Transferring used palletainer liners from the processing hall, removing waste, and supplying empty palletainers to the stagging area

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Job Requirements:

Prospective candidates are expected to have a strong attention to detail, excellent interpersonal skills, and a valid forklift license. Compliance with food safety standards and the Labour Relations Act is mandatory.

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Application deadline: Not Specified

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