DC Clerk – TFG Logistics

Your Key Responsibilities

At our company located in Midrand, your primary tasks will surround the WMOS administration. This covers shipping, auditing, printing, and waving. Providing support and assistance to our DC staff regarding any questions or issues with our processes will also be part of your responsibilities.

Data Reporting and Monitoring

You’ll have daily report duties which involve processing and archiving for data monitoring and reporting. As part of the system inventory responsibilities, you’ll handle stock take management and related inquiries.

Management Support

You’ll be tasked with scheduling carriers, supervising and facilitating stock transfers, and managing carrier-related inquiries. Our inventory’s controls, accuracy, and DC process will also be under your supervision. Any other reasonable distribution-related task that presents itself will also require your assistance. Please note that operational needs may warrant additional hours or shifts.


  • Grade 12 (Matric).

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The Skills We Need

Your set of skills should include:

  • Excellent administrative skills.
  • Ability to encourage, lead, and achieve team goals daily.
  • Fluency in Microsoft Excel, including the use of data sorting and filtering, formatting, processing, and functions like SUM, AVERAGE, etc.
  • Expertise in the WMOS systems.
  • High level precision and robust numerical skills.

Adherence to the Process

Ability to recognize and adhere to processes. You should also have excellent organizational skills, meticulousness and reliable execution. Your aptitude for multitasking, meeting deadlines and working under pressure is a plus. Excellent verbal and written communication skills will be key in engaging and communicating with others.

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About Us

Our foundation is our people. They are our most valuable asset. We at TFG boast of a globally diverse retail portfolio with 34 specialty lifestyle and apparel brands that form an intrinsic part of lives of millions of people. We strive to provide our customers with the most enriching omnichannel experiences. TFG harbors a conducive environment for work and fosters personal growth.

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For the Z83 application form access the following link: https://www.govnet.co.za/download-z83-application-form-pdf-and-word/

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